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The offer of credit to individuals is quite wide and it is possible to make distinctions based on the sum involved (mortgages or loans) and the frequency of disbursement and use (personal loans for a single objective or revolving solutions to always have an option open in case of necessity). To better orient ourselves in the choice we see more specifically, through the Good-Credit loan range, how the different options work.

Compare rates online without obligation Calculate the installment

Compare rates online without obligation Calculate the installment

In addition to home loans and liquidity loans, Good-Credit offers personal loans at a fixed rate of up to € 50,000, a debt consolidation option, a mini-bank of up to € 3,000, a revolving solution with a ceiling of up to € 2,000.

Good-Credit personal loans are 100% online solutions, which can be subscribed with a digital signature. To access the financing it is necessary to have:

  • a Good-Credit current account opened for at least three months or with salary/pension credit
  • a balance higher than -500 euros
  • an age not exceeding 70 years.

If the customer’s creditworthiness has already been examined by the bank, loans up to € 15,000 are valued instantaneously. TANs and APRs may also vary based on the age of the current account. A loan of 11,000 euros for those who have been customers for less than 12 months has a maximum APR applied 7.53%, which drops to 4.37% for customers who continuously credit their salary or pension in a current account.

The amount payable ranges from a minimum of 2000 euros to a maximum of 50,000. There are no preliminary investigation or installment costs.

A debt consolidation option allows all the residual debts of other loans to be combined into a single Good-Credit loan, up to € 30,000, including any extra liquidity. Good-Credit offers account holders up to 3,000 euros, 100% online, with no activation fees, with free provision until actual use. The Good-Credit credit card also offers 2,000 euros revolving credit, to pay installments and transfers (TAN 5.95%, APR 8.48%).

Loan estimate of 10000 euros


Financial: Simple Loan
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 4.25%
APR: 4.44%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 10,000
Total due: € 11.117

Monthly installment € 185 , 28 Feasibility check

Financial: Legos
Product: Personal Loan
TAN Fixed: 5.16%
APR: 6.70%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 10.146
Total due: € 11.735

Monthly installment € 193 , 19 Feasibility check

Financial: Findloan
Product: “Your Projects” Credit
TAN Fixed: 6.01%
APR: 6.18%
Loan duration: 60 months
Amount Financed: € 10,000
Total due: € 11.602

Monthly installment € 193 , 37 Feasibility check * The tables give an example of the structure of the site. For all the comparative offers click on the go button and get all the information you need to evaluate the proposal that suits your needs

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