Immediate Payday Loans

No fees and no long waiting. These are also today’s loans , a bonus is the fact that it is not necessary to state their specific purpose. Who would also be interested in whether you are negotiating them because you are not going to pay or need immediate replacement for your old electrical appliance. Money can be in your account in just a few tens of minutes, while requests from the contact form are approved during the night hours.

No one will wait for anything, no one will give a lot of sensitive personal information.

All you need to do is provide a few data to fully identify

credit problem

Identity card number, name and surname, permanent address (must not be at the municipal office, for example). There is also a need for regular income, which we as a lender will verify at your job. And of course, last but not least, you have to have your own bank account, sending money by postal order is a thing of the past.

What does not count as regular income?


Certainly it is clear that, for example, a classic old-age pension can be counted, but for ethical reasons we do not approve applications for mothers (or single parents) on maternity leave at all. And who else will we be unable to accommodate? They are for example:

  • Students without permanent income. Hardly anybody can repay a loan from pocket money and temporary jobs at 19 years.
  • First and second degree disabled pensioners. Of a few thousand it is not enough to repay the loan, but this is assessed individually.
  • People living on social benefits and unemployed . Regular income is a necessity by law.

Instant payday loans are perfectly available

Instant loans are perfectly available

But the applicant has to comply with several conditions set by the new laws. Without permanent income or own account in the bank, no-one will receive non-bank loans today; the legislation mainly protects those who would otherwise fall into a debt trap.