Special Needs Loan Application for Pensioners

In order to apply for Good Finance pension loan, you must first make your salary transfer by going to the branches with your e-government password obtained from PTT branches, internet banking or your identity card.

Good Finance pension loan is a package specially prepared for the salary customers of the institution. Under this package, you can use credit up to the upper limit set with attractive interest rates. As an Good Lender Group company, the bank provides financial support to its customers with cash needs to meet their diverse needs.

Good Finance pension loan applicants must retire in order to benefit from the low interest rates under the campaign.

Good Finance Retirement Loan Features

You can find financing for your cash needs up to 60.000 TL by taking advantage of Good Finance pension loan features . Following your loan application, your customer record is reviewed and a loan is disbursed if no discrepancy is observed in the maturity and loan amount you demand up to 48 months.

The Authority has the right to make the final decision for the use of the approved loan, to change the current interest rates, to request additional documents and surety.

Good Finance Pension Loan Calculation and Interest Rates

Good Finance Pension Loan Calculation and Interest Rates

In order to create a payment table over the Bank’s interest rates, we can illustrate three types of Good Finance pension loan calculation procedures. First of all, those who apply for a loan of TL 10,000 with a maturity of 12 months or 24 months are offered an interest rate of 1.38 percent. In both applications, a 50 TL credit allocation fee is charged from the customer. The monthly installment amount is TL 926 for one year loan and the monthly installment amount for TL 508 is 24 months.

Good Finance pension loan interest rates vary for those who apply for a 36-month or 48-month maturity. The said maturities are calculated at an interest rate of 1.54 percent. For this reason, 383 TL monthly installment amount will be reflected to your payment table for your 3-year loan application and 316 TL installment amount for your 4-year term application.

Finally, if you transfer your bank debts and pensions to Good Finance, you can benefit from a fixed interest rate of 1.18%. Similarly, in this credit package, 50 TL allocation fee is charged from the customer’s account and maturity options up to 48 months are offered.

If you think that you have made a 10,000-month debt transfer with a maturity of 48 months, you may have the opportunity to pay 288.509 TL monthly installments thanks to the appropriate interest rate. The upper limit of the loan for transfer transactions is TL 65,000 and taxes and insurance premiums are not included in the sample calculation. Please also note that the deadline for the campaign is December 31.

Good Finance Pension Loan Age Limit What is it?

Good Finance provides all pensioners who are salary customers up to the age of 80. If you receive your salary through the account you have opened with this institution, you must be at most 80 years old in the term of the loan. Good Finance manages to be among the financial institutions with the highest loan age limit (80) for retirement loan age limit .

How to Apply for Good Finance Retirement Loan?

Internet branch and mobile branch are not eligible for Good Finance pension loan application . Therefore, it is not possible to request a loan online. You can apply from the branches only with your identity document, income statement and official invoice sample or settlement document for the last 3 months.